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Organize and understand your food storage

"It's incredible! I just think this is the greatest software for food storage! ...there isn't anything out there that can compare."
Chelsea W.
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Time saving and management multipliers

Bar code scanning and fuel gauge
Barcode Scan ExampleBarcode reader
Shopping, Expiration lists
Shopping reportExpiration report
Online backup, sync, and product data
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Our Feedback

"I feel so much more in control of our future and I feel like I can be a prepared person for my family."
Tami W.
"This is almost better than homemade wheat bread fresh from the oven!!"
Allison C.
"Love the new version...this is much improved and worth every dime."
Chris H,


Does Food Storage Planner work without an internet connection?
Yes, all of our offerings will operate completely offline. The only features that require internet are syncing, backups, retrieving product data on scanning new items, upgrading, and updating your subscription. You can install the software on your device, but this is not required for offline functionality to operate. It works offline in the browser tab also.
Can I keep all of my data only on my computer and not on your server?
Yes, to do this just purchase the "offline" version. It will not store any of your data online. You will need to manage all of your own backups. Please note that we are very careful with your data if you choose to use the online features.
How do I cancel a subscription?
Navigate to [Account Icon] : [Account Settings] and click [Cancel] and then retype your password to confirm.
The Web App is great, but can I download an installer?
Yes, see our download options
How does the barcode scanner work?
Navigate to [Pantry] : [Scan In/Out]. Default setting scans into the inventory, you can click the green icon to toggle to remove. Once on the screen you can just use a connected barcode scanner. Click the camera icon to use the camera to scan. Note, camera scans are slower. Laptop webcams are almost universally too poor to function properly - most modern phones are fine.
Can I track home canned food?
Yes! These can be tracked without barcodes using manual inventory input/output features. Or use the [Utilities] : [Print Bar Codes] feature to print custom codes on sticker labels and track them with a barcode scanner.
Can I import my old Food Storage Planner 5 Data?
Yes you can: See menu item [Pantry] : [Import FSP5]

Founder's note

I want to protect my family against the unknown, be it economic instability, war, prophecy, zombies, everything. Good tools help me to accomplish this, shelving, storage rooms, climate controls, and software.
I built Food Storage Planner to help people understand what they have, what they need, and how far it will take them. To take away the pain of management with a dedicated tool that streamlines the input and output operations.
Picture of Brandon Mansfield, Founder
Brandon Mansfield
Sharp Software
Start organizing your food storage now. Be prepared for whatever comes.


  • Basic food calculator
  • Inventory tracking
  • 3 month storage tracking
  • Offline use
  • Data does not upload to cloud
  • Unlimited storage
  • Barcode scanning
  • Reporting
  • Printing Barcodes
  • Product image support
  • One year of free updates
  • All features of Download
  • Syncing data between devices
  • UPC based product data
  • Easy cancel in-app
  • All offline features, never expires even if your subscription lapses