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Food Storage Planner 7

  • Plan
  • Bulk Food Calculator
  • Track Pantry Inventory
  • Food Fuel Bar
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Sync Devices
  • Works Offline
  • 3 Months Storage
  • All free features plus
  • Barcode Scanning Support
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Available Product Data
  • Shopping list
  • Expiration list
  • Data Export
  • Product Images
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    Plan Prepare Prosper

    Solve common struggles in planning, creating and using food storage.

    How long will my food storage last if I try to live on it?

    How much do I need to last for 3 months?

    Are there old items I should eat?

    Food Storage Planner 7 for mobile and desktop can help!

    USB 1D scanner for desktop use

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    I love my family. Their well-being occupies much of my time, effort, and worry. Among my responsibilities on their behalf is that I protect them from danger.
    7.0.84 is released. Major navigational changes to fit the growing feature set and to make features easier to find. The major additions in new functionality is the ability to clear the pantry and import from FSP5.
    7.0.82 is a pretty significant release with some major flow changes to the inventory. This change puts the overall inventory navigation closer to FSP5 and was required to get the FSP5 data import to function properly.
    We intend to make FSP 7 the best food storage planning app in existence. To reach that goal we still have some work to do. There are features we know are missing, and then there are features that we aren't sure if our users want.
    2020 has seen much commotion and uncertainty. There have been calls by various voices to get ready for more. Many that I have listened to have the question, what should I prepare? The simplest response to that question is to prepare every needful thing.
    With FSP 7.0.74 printing barcodes for home canned or bulk food items that may not come with a barcode is now available to help you manage your food storage. Supported are Avery (or format compatible) Address Labels.  They can be found on Amazon [].  This is the standard 1" x 2 5/8" address label which comes with 30 labels per sheet. The feature is found on the Settings screen, Item tab. Click on the Plus/down arrow and
    Food Storage Planner is a new kind of software, it is both a web app and a locally install-able program.  This means it can be installed almost anywhere, on pretty much any modern device.  The technology is called a Progressive Web Application, PWA, or on iOS Apple prefers Web App. We've also made offline functionality a top priority so it retains shrink-wrap-software qualities while using this portable modern software stack.  Our primary design goal is that the core of this system will work we
    7.0.72 was released September 8, 2020.
    7.0.71 was released today, August 24 2020. * Password recovery * Email communications with end user for notifications * Client bug fixes * Backend improvements
    We will generally try to keep this post up to date with where we are and where we are planning to go. All plans are subject to change, especially with feedback from our customers. Features we are looking to complete soon include...
    Food Storage Planner 7 for Mobile and Desktop helps you plan and track your food storage. It is mobile and desktop friendly, offline capable, and syncs all your devices.